Egg diet - easy and satisfying

eggs for weight loss

The most effective for weight loss are carbohydrate-free diets, which is confirmed by many works of experts in the field of proper nutrition. More than one diet has been developed, which is based on the predominance of healthy protein foods. Among these options is the egg diet for weight loss.

The product that gets the most attention in this case is the obvious. However, do not be afraid that you will only need to eat eggs. This is not a complex diet with a single product, but a complete complex that does not even require special use of vitamins.

Eggs for satiety, grapefruit for fat burning - many people know about the tremendous effectiveness of this method of weight loss. But what exactly is the essence of the egg diet for weight loss and what will be the health consequences?

The chemical basis of the diet

Egg diet reviews of the most fanatical fans show that this food system allows you to lose up to 10 kg of excess weight per week. Due to what is achieved such a rate of consumption of fat reserves? The founders of the egg diet for weight loss claim that vitamin H, which is found in egg yolk (also called biotin), is responsible for the fat burning process. When its concentration increases, subcutaneous lipid reserves begin to be consumed more intensively. The same vitamin is also a catalyst for carbohydrate metabolism, depending on whether the carbohydrates are converted into fats and stored in our body cells, or whether they are processed as an energy source. The third important property of biotin as the main factor in weight loss in this diet is its help in the absorption of proteins of any origin.

Sometimes citrus fruits are used as an additional ingredient in the egg diet for weight loss. Citric acid, which is contained in excess, speeds up energy metabolism, which allows you to remove excess weight more intensively.

Egg diet reviews claim that the combination of eggs and citrus fruits allows you to lose weight, maintain physical activity, not feel hungry and get the necessary boost of vitamins and minerals. Eggs provide the body with essential amino acids, vitamin A, B vitamins and minerals. Citrus fruits provide vitamin C. However, the egg diet menu includes vegetables, fruits, fish and meat, which in moderate amounts constitute a fully balanced diet.

Contraindications to egg diet

No matter how the results of the egg diet are painted as a biochemical weight loss miracle, a reasonable person always begs the question: what resources will the body require? According to experts, the egg diet for weight loss causes deteriorating health, irritability, brittle hair and nails, constipation, and even bad breath. However, this is a side effect of many espresso diets with a low calorie diet. And for people suffering from food addiction, any diet with a restriction of sweets will seem like a real test.

According to experts, the egg diet has some absolute contraindications - these are violations of renal function, as well as diseases of the cardiovascular system. Because eggs are a potential allergen, dieters should be wary of hypersensitivity reactions. A severe allergy to egg white, on the other hand, would be an absolute contraindication.

Egg diet for 2-3 days

The results of an egg diet of this type appear already in 2-3 days, due to the low calorie content, keeping the regime for longer is simply unsafe for health. But if you use the diet as a day of fasting, after which there will be a gradual transition to a balanced diet, then you can take a chance.

The egg diet menu for three days is extremely poor:

  • For breakfast - a soft-boiled egg, tea and half a teaspoon of honey;
  • For lunch, 150 g of cottage cheese and tea with half a teaspoon of honey;
  • For lunch - an egg;
  • For dinner - same as for lunch, but without tea.

Adhering to such a diet for 2-3 days, you should consider a gradual exit - first add low-fat yogurt, then fruit for a snack, cereal in water, boiled vegetables. And then the results of the egg diet will not disappear in the first few days after leaving it.

Egg and grapefruit diet for a week

eggs and grapefruit for weight loss

If you feel the strength to survive on a starvation diet for a week, try the grapefruit egg diet for 7 days. Egg diet reviews say it is also perfect for those who have already started to lose weight and can not overcome the "plateau effect".

With an egg diet of this type, the daily calorie content should not exceed 800 conventional units and so that the grapefruit juice does not corrode tooth enamel, it is recommended to drink it through a straw and rinse your mouth after eating the fruit. .

Monday: a boiled egg with half a grapefruit is recommended for breakfast, a vegetable salad and 100 g of boiled fish for lunch, 100 g of meat and a glass of grapefruit juice for dinner.

Tuesday: for breakfast, the egg diet menu offers two boiled eggs and a glass of skim milk, for lunch - a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as 50 g of low-fat cheese, for dinner - 20 g of diet bacon and aglass. of grapefruit juice.

Wednesday: Breakfast - 2 eggs and half a grapefruit, lunch - 50 low-fat cheese and half a grapefruit, and dinner - cabbage sauce with herbs and an egg.

Thursday: 200 g oats and grapefruit for breakfast, 200 ml chicken broth with a slice of whole grain bread for lunch, eggs, tomato-cucumber salad and a glass of grapefruit juice for dinner.

Friday: the egg diet menu for breakfast includes an omelette of two eggs, a glass of grapefruit juice, for lunch - 100 g of low-fat cheese and a glass of low-fat natural yogurt, for dinner - 100 g of diet meat and grapefruit.

Saturday: for breakfast a boiled egg, half a grapefruit and a glass of tomato juice, for lunch - a salad of grated carrots with 1 tbsp. sour cream and an egg, for dinner - 250 g vegetable stew with half a grapefruit.

Sunday: The egg diet menu includes unlimited fruit salad for breakfast, 2 eggs and grapefruit for lunch and a glass of low-fat yogurt and a handful of nuts for dinner.